Federal Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters MP has met today with RSP Environmental Services who, despite being surrounded by NBN serviced areas, are still waiting on an NBN connection.

RSP Environmental Services representative, Hugh Richard said that the business is spending up to $10,000 on USB sticks a year to back up data and transfer files to their clients due to slow and unreliable ADSL internet.

RSP Environmental Services provide pipe cleaning, inspection and compliance services to municipalities and corporations and is the largest service provider of its kind outside Melbourne.

“This business first contacted my office last year about their lack of access to NBN.  At that time, NBN Co advised they would be allocated a connection on a new fixed wire tower due to be complete by June 2018.  NBN Co has just updated their timelines and this tower will now not be built until 2020. 

“It’s simply not good enough. RSP needs access to fast and reliable internet now.”

“What’s just as outrageous is that NBN fibre service is at their driveway – in fact NBN Co sought permission to dig up their driveway to lay NBN fibre.  Yet, this business has been told it needs to wait for Fixed Wireless,” said Ms Chesters.

RSP’s business premises are surrounded by properties that have access to the NBN fibre technology but their property has been allocated Fixed Wireless. Last month NBN Co extended roll out of fix wireless to their property from late 2018 until 2020.

"During the 2013 election at a Bendigo Business Council function, Malcolm Turnbull, then Shadow Minister for Communications, said every premise would have the NBN by 2016 and that it would be faster and cheaper. On all three promises he has failed.

“For years Central Victoria has experienced significant problems with connectivity and unreliable internet access. 

“This is Malcolm Turnbull’s mess; he should instruct his Minister for Regional Communication – Bridget Mc Kenzie - to come to Bendigo and meet with Hugh Richards and others affected by this latest NBN scandal.

“The NBN is a critical project for Central Victoria’s future – but under the Liberal Government, Bendigo businesses like RSP are paying the price for Malcolm’s mess,” said Ms Chesters.