Malcolm Turnbull's broken promise on NBN

Bendigo and Central Victorians continue to suffer with very poor internet access and it's all Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal Government's fault.


“Constituents across the Bendigo electorate continue to contact me about internet problems. For instance, in Golden Square, constituents have told me there are significant waiting times to connect to an ADSL service, and then once connected, internet speeds are simply not acceptable.

"During the 2013 election at a Bendigo Business Council function, Malcolm Turnbull, then Shadow Minister for Communications, said every premise would have the NBN by 2016 and that it would be faster and cheaper. On all three commitments he has failed.

"Only about 7% of Bendigo and Central Victorian premises have access to the NBN. The vast majority are still in construction, listed for construction or worse - not on the construction timetable yet.

"In 2013, Mr Turnbull promised he would build his second rate copper NBN for $29.5 billion in total funding – Mr Turnbull’s blow outs have seen the cost go to $49 billion.

“Not all homes connected to FTTN technology are experiencing faster speeds. FTTN relies on copper and this is not fit for use for data. Over distances from the node to the home, the quality of service breaks down.

"Instead of keeping his promise it's taken the Liberal Government three years to switch on four NBN Fixed wireless towers in the north of the electorate. The towers debacle demonstrates that the Liberals can’t be trusted to roll out the NBN.

“Bendigo and Central Victoria is in the midst of a telecommunications crisis. I hear daily from members of the community who want to know why in 2016, we have slow or non-existent internet. It's another broken promise.

“Bendigo and Central Victoria needs a first class national broadband network. I call on the Prime Minister to fix his mess. In 2017, Malcolm Turnbull must deliver on NBN for Bendigo and Central Victoria,” said Ms Chesters.