Morrison Government Could Help End Poverty Now

This Anti-Poverty Week is the perfect time for the Morrison Government to step up and take action to help end poverty.

Federal Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters says there are two key areas that the Federal Government need to pay more attention to.

“One of the highest causes of people living in poverty is the low base rate of JobSeeker (previously Newstart),” Chesters said.

“The Coronavirus Supplement has been proof that a higher rate can help JobSeeker recipients live with dignity and in turn, become more job ready.

“Many recipients are anxious knowing that supplement will disappear in December when the rate snaps back to around $565 a fortnight.

“It is also the wrong time for the government to be withdrawing economic support at all – we are still in the depths of a recession.

Chesters says the Morrison Government should also look at investing in social housing maintenance and new builds.

“I was disappointed that social housing was completely overlooked in last week’s budget,” Chesters said,

In Australia, 500,000 new low-cost rental homes are needed to meet the demand for affordable housing.

In the Bendigo electorate, there’s a shortfall of 2,900 social housing properties and around 400 people are homeless.

“Investment in this space is a win for both those who can’t afford a home and for the jobs we need to build our way out of the pandemic,” Chesters said.

“Repairs could start almost immediately, providing work for local plumbers, chippies, sparkies, plasterers and painters as well as companies that manufacture building supplies and materials.”

Ahead of the next election, Labor will bring forward a comprehensive plan for the repair and construction of social housing.