Morrison Government Must Act Now on Aged Care

Federal Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters has responded to the Liberal National Government releasing the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety final report.

“For too long, we have heard heartbreaking stories of neglect coming out of the aged care sector,” Chesters said.

“The Royal Commission has made 148 recommendations, making it absolutely clear that the aged care system is in crisis.

“The Morrison Government must act now and make immediate changes in areas where possible.

“The aged care royal commission's final report was handed to the Morrison Government on Friday - two years have already been spent looking into the problems.

“The Government knows what the issues are; not enough staff, not enough training, not enough transparency, not enough funding and above all, shocking neglect of older Australians.

“There's one thing the Morrison Government could do today to make an immediate difference.

“They could finally take responsibility for aged care.

“Older Australians built this country.

“They, and the families who love them, deserve a government that will make this right,” Chesters said.

Scott Morrison is responsible for the aged care system. He is responsible for the $1.7 billion in federal funding cuts and the terrible systemic neglect identified by the Royal Commissioners.

685 older Australians died in aged care homes during last year’s Coronavirus outbreak.

In the Loddon Mallee region, 945 people are still waiting for a home care package whilst others have been put on a lower level interim package.

“I will continue to fight for Central Victorians who want safe and compassionate treatment in aged care and staff who want adequate resources and training to look after older Australians,” Chesters said.