Morrison Government Must Urgently Act to Prevent Further Job Losses at Latrobe University

La Trobe University has announced another round of voluntary redundancies as the sector continues to suffer from the financial impact of COVID-19.

This is in addition to the voluntary round of redundancies called several months ago and two forced restructures, which will lead to job losses in Student Services Portfolio and the Education Portfolio.

Federal Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters is calling for urgent support for the university sector.

“It’s devastating to hear that further jobs are set to go at La Trobe university because of their lack of Federal Government support throughout this pandemic,” Chesters said.

“Just like the first time, these cuts could have been avoided and local jobs could be saved if the Morrison Government extended JobKeeper to the university sector.

“Other local businesses and NFP organisations can access JobKeeper and as a result, have kept their workers employed.

“This is the Liberal Government’s fault. At every turn, they have actively excluded universities from accessing JobKeeper and this is the result.

“I can imagine the anxiety many staff at La Trobe are facing as the head toward another round of redundancies, they deserve better.”

Chesters said it’s particularly important to recognise the vital role played by Student Services at La Trobe right now.

“COVID-19 restrictions have had a huge impact on study and the wider university experience for students.

“Now, more than ever, La Trobe Bendigo needs a Strong Student services team.

“On the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic we will need universities like Bendigo’s La Trobe to train the skilled workers we need to lead our region and country out of this economic crisis.

“We cannot afford to lose any more jobs at the Bendigo campus,” Chesters said. 

Sarah Roberts, Victorian Assistance Secretary for National Tertiary Education Union said they are disappointed that there’s another round of voluntary redundancies at La Trobe.

“The remaining staff will need to pick up the extra workload and that will take its toll on their health,” Roberts said. 

“The Federal Government abandoning the University sector will see fewer courses for students and jobs for the community, particularly in the regional Victoria, where there is higher unemployment and the need to reskill to rebuild our economy."

"In the state of Victoria, 7585 job losses in higher education have already been announced. The Federal Government needs to step in or the impact will be felt for generations to come."

"Our members are passionate supporters of local communities and the student experience, but they should not need to endure excessive workloads due to the lack of Federal Government intervention."