Morrison Must Provide More Support to Graduating Class of 2020

With Central Victorian Year 12 students graduating this month, Federal Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters is calling on the Federal Government to provide certainty for the class of 2020 by increasing university places.

“Students at Bendigo Senior Secondary are graduating this week and other schools are following in the coming weeks, but many students are still anxious about whether or not they’ll get into uni,” Chesters said.

“There’s double the number of Year 12 students who want to go to uni next year, but the Liberals refuse to open up enough places for them.

“Morrison’s cuts mean there’ll be 10,000 fewer fully funded university places next year.

“I’m calling on Scott Morrison to remove the caps on university places and fee hikes for students.

“The truth is that thousands of Australians will miss out on university and fees for some degrees will double under the changes announced by the Liberals in their higher education plan.

“Young people have been hit particularly hard by this recession and the Liberals are leaving them behind again.

“If you get the marks you should get the opportunity to go to uni - simple as that,” Chesters said.

Local graduate, Alice Carpenter said university funding cuts are concerning.

“I’m worried that fee hikes could potentially widen the gap between rich and poor families as students get unpayable debts stacked onto them.

“Changes to the university sector also impact the ability to say to a child no matter they’re background that they ‘can be anything’ because in stark reality, the government has not taken wealth divides in society into account when deciding on this project.

“As a year twelve student I would have liked to see the government take into account my peers perspectives on this issue, as they may have been able to come up with a concept that helps, not hinders, our countries future leaders.”

“At the moment we’re all crossing our fingers and hoping that we will get the uni placements that we want, it adds to the stress of an already stressful period in terms of exams,” Carpenter said.