Morrison to pull the rug from Bendigo working families at the end of March

Scott Morrison is just 17 days away from cutting JobKeeper and ripping vital support from an estimated 6000 workers and 1980 businesses in the Bendigo electorate.

Federal Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters has warned the JobKeeper transition must be based on what's really going on in the local economy, not an arbitrary deadline at the end of March.

“The Prime Minister’s JobKeeper cuts risk leaving too many people in our community behind.

“Our recovery from the deepest recession in a century risks being longer because Scott Morrison is pulling support from some sections of our local economy too quickly.

“Our community needs and deserves a comprehensive jobs plan to support local businesses and workers in the recovery,” Chesters said.

Abolishing JobKeeper at the end of the month will impact more than one million workers and half a million businesses across the country, including thousands of working families in Bendigo.

Labor pushed for wage subsidies in the first place because it was the right thing to do.

With more than two million Australians searching for a job or more hours, the Morrison Government has no real plan to grow our local economy.

Instead, its cuts to JobKeeper, cuts to wages, and cuts to superannuation will make things worse, not better.

Only Labor is on the side of working families in Bendigo – fighting COVID-19, while also fighting to build an economy that is stronger and fairer after the pandemic than it was beforehand.

Sharon Moore from Petcarers Bendigo said they are still being impacted by travel restrictions and are relying on JobKeeper.

“People are starting to travel, but much shorter trips, and a number of our clients who travel overseas every year, just aren’t.

“Even sliding scale amount of support would be a great help to the travel industry and those of us who are impacted by reduced travel as well.

“My savings have taken a hit as the fixed costs associated with business still need to be paid, even when bookings weren’t coming in. It may take 2 years to make up those lost savings.

“The uncertainty is what worries me. I am hoping the vaccinations give people more confidence to travel even just within Australia,” Moore said.

11 March 2021