Napthine Fails Central Victorian Schools

Premier Denis Napthine’s decision not to invest in education is devastating for Central Victorian schools, parents and children, according to Federal Labor candidate for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters.

Ms Chesters said Mr Napthine had the chance in this week’s budget to make sure Victorian schools were resourced properly for generations to come by signing up to the Labor Government’s National Plan for School Improvement.

“In his first budget, Premier Napthine has failed to invest in education,” Ms Chesters said.

“Today, I was in Kyneton meeting with school principals, teachers and students about the urgent needs of their schools. To be frank, their urgent needs list is just too long.”

“Instead of delivering a better deal for schools, the Victorian Government is short-changing our students.”

“This is on top of the $555 million the State Government has already ripped from our schools since coming to power.”

“Instead of putting Victorian schools first, Denis Napthine has turned his back on our students and resorted to slashing vital education funding.”

Ms Chesters said if Mr Napthine refuses to sign up to the Labor Government’s National Plan School Improvement, Victorian schools and students will be hit twice as hard.

“If Premier Napthine doesn’t sign up to the National Plan to deliver better schools, students in Victoria will be left behind their counterparts in other states.”

“If the current system introduced by the Howard Government continues, schools across Australia could be worse off by around $5.4 billion over the coming years. This means Victoria could lose around $1.2 billion - the equivalent of around $572,000 per school and $1,489 per student.”

“The Federal Government has put a fair deal on the table for Mr Napthine – offering to invest two dollars for every extra one dollar they put in. This would ensure all schools get the funding they need to deliver the best education.”

“Now is the time for Premier Napthine to put Victorian students first.”