National Youth Week – Young people will benefit from NBN

Young people in Central Victoria will be among the biggest beneficiaries from Labor’s National Broadband Network, according to Federal Labor candidate for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters.

“Labor’s NBN is about building essential infrastructure for the future of our nation,” Ms Chesters said.

“Today’s young people are the most technology savvy in our community. They will be foremost among those who will benefit from the future education, healthcare and economic benefits that faster broadband services are bringing to regional areas.”

Ms Chesters condemned Tony Abbott’s plan for second rate broadband in regional Australia, saying it proved how out of touch the Coalition is with the needs of regional communities and businesses.

“Mr Abbott just doesn’t get it – his plan will hold back regional areas like ours and discourage businesses from setting up here by slugging them with a $5,000 bill to get connected to the broadband service they will need," she said.

"Under Labor’s NBN, all Australians pay the same wholesale price for superfast broadband no matter where they live. Mr Abbott will make people pay up to $5,000 more to get the same speed from his second rate network, as well as charging people outside the cities more for their broadband.”

Ms Chesters said Tony Abbott will drive up costs for regional businesses and reduce the competitiveness of regional Australia.

"Make no mistake – Mr Abbott’s second rate broadband will cost country jobs and make it harder to do business in Bendigo and Central Victoria."