NBN and Telecommunications

Access to reliable, affordable internet has become vital to our everyday lives.

Whether it is people trying to run a business, children trying to do their homework or even simply trying to communicate with friends and family, so much of our lives is now online.

For years Central Victoria has experienced significant problems with connectivity and unreliable internet access. Even with the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN), I know many people across the Bendigo electorate continue to have negative internet experience.

Due to the high number of complaints my office was receiving about NBN, I launched a survey to learn more about Central Victorians' internet and telecommunications experience.  Over 3000 people responded and the damning results can be found here. 

 Do you want to see more reliable, affordable internet access in Central Victoria?  Click here to sign my petition.

Have you experienced issues with the internet? Is your internet too slow? Angry when your internet cuts out just as you are about to submit a lengthy form?

Unfortunately you are not alone in the Bendigo electorate.

Whether it be in the heart of Bendigo, in the Woodend township or in a small town like Guildford, we are in the midst of a telecommunications crisis.

The fact is, Malcolm Turnbull's second rate nbn is not delivering the speeds or reliability Central Victorians want and need.

I want to know about your internet experience.

The information I collect from this survey will be used to advocate and lobby for improvements to the internet experience of Central Victorian residents and businesses.

Complete the survey here or view the full report.



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