New freezer gets warm reception at community lunch

Lisa Chesters MP, Federal Member for Bendigo, today received an even warmer than usual reception at Kyneton’s Community Lunch, following her donation of a much-needed freezer to the Kyneton Community & Learning Centre.

“The coordinator and volunteers at the Kyneton Community Lunches do a fantastic job of bringing the community together each week to share a home-cooked lunch and catch up on local news.                                                            

“The community lunch strengthens local ties and is a wonderful example of the generosity of the Kyneton community.

“Each week, volunteers create a delicious and nutritious meal using local produce, most of it donated by local businesses and community gardens.

“It also provides a place where people can connect with each other; whether they are new to town, catching up with other mums and bubs or simply out to enjoy some company; the whole community is represented.

“I wanted to support this fantastic regular event - and the people who make it happen - and I’m delighted the new freezer will make hosting the community lunch so much easier for all involved.”

Catherine Christmass, Community Lunch Coordinator, is thrilled with freezer, saying it was best piece of equipment they have.

“It’s going to make a big difference to the way we operate. Our volunteers do an amazing job but cooking a balanced and tasty meal for over 60 people each week - from scratch - can be a challenge in the time we have. Having the freezer means we can prepare sauces and some dishes in advance.

“It also means we can reduce wastage because we can now store what we don’t use, as well as any excess donations.”

“I’ve really enjoyed the lunches that I’ve been able to attend and I look forward to going to more this year,” said Ms Chesters.


The Community Lunch is a $3 donation (or what you can afford) and takes place at 12:30pm each Wednesday during term-time at the Kyneton Mechanics Institute, 81 Mollison Street Kyneton.