New treadmill for CDCH

THE treadmill at Castlemaine District Community Health’s Community Gym is buckling under demand.

So much so, Federal Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters MP, is donating $1250 towards a second treadmill, which will allow everyone the opportunity to have a 10-minute allocation at the gym.

Ms Chesters said the program was a valuable community asset, as demand for the program showed.

“The Community Gym was instigated in October 2012 to provide an affordable option for CDCH clients and as a pathway for clients from Castlemaine Health’s 12-week Healthy Lifestyles program,” she said.

“Individual exercise programs are devised by an exercise physiologist.

“I am pleased that I can support this excellent program in some way.

“It’s important that the Castlemaine community has access to affordable, preventative health measures such as the community gym.”

Castlemaine District Community Health Allied Health Promotion Team Leader Sam Peavey said the donation was very welcomed.

“Community Gym is an affordable and friendly exercise option for people of Mount Alexander,” she said.

“A second treadmill will allow everyone the opportunity to reach their health and fitness goals.”