23 April 2024

The Albanese Government is delivering a tax cut for every taxpayer in the Bendigo electorate starting on July 1.

Labor’s new tax cuts are designed to provide cost-of-living relief to middle Australia while making our tax system fairer.

Around 66,000 people – every taxpayer in the Bendigo electorate will receive a tax break from July 1 under Labor’s better tax cuts.

Around 58,000 people, or 88 per cent of taxpayers, will receive a bigger tax cut than they would have under the plan Scott Morrison’s Liberal Government legislated five years ago.

Among them is hospitality worker Kjell, who will now save an estimated $1,304 under Labor’s fairer tax cuts plan. Under the previous Government’s tax plan Kjell would have received a $500 tax cut – less than half what he will receive under Labor’s plan.

Damien, a local nurse from Lockwood South, will receive a $2,079 tax cut under Labor’s plan. This is $804 more than what he would have received under the Liberals’ plan.

Gareth from Strathfieldsaye works in administration and will now receive $1,338 tax cut under Labor’s plan which is more than double the $534 that he would have received under the Liberals’ plan.

Across the Bendigo electorate, the average tax cut received under Labor’s plan will be $1,424. To find out how much you will benefit from Labor’s tax cuts, use the calculator on the Government website: https://taxcuts.gov.au/


“Every taxpayer in the Bendigo electorate will now get a tax cut and some, like Kjell, will now receive more than double what they would have received under the previous Government’s plan.

“We’re delivering more help for working families and more help for locals, putting cash back into people’s pockets when they need it most.

“Our tax cuts are about ensuring more workers in Central Victoria can keep more of what they earn because we know that will take pressure off people doing it tough.”