No more delays. It’s time for Marriage Equality

In separate meetings today with the Bendigo and Macedon Ranges “Yes to Marriage Equality” campaigns, Federal Member for Bendigo Lisa Chesters MP again pledged to vote yes when the Marriage Equality Bill comes before Federal Parliament. 

The Bendigo Electorate result is higher than the National and Victorian result with 68.7% voting yes to same sex marriage.

“I am so proud of how Bendigo and Central Victoria have come together and voted overwhelmingly in favour of marriage equality.

“No more delays, no more excuses. It’s time to make marriage equality law,” said Ms Chesters.

The results of the marriage equality survey were released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics today and Ms Chesters has welcomed the result.

“This is a historic day and local Yes campaigners should be proud of what they have achieved. The Marriage Equality survey has divided our Central Victorian community and the impact of this divisive campaign will be felt for some time yet.

“But this day that should not have happened and it’s only because of a gross lack of leadership on the part of Malcolm Turnbull.

“Malcolm Turnbull is now out of time and out of excuses and must allow this issue to be debated when Parliament returns in 2 weeks. The Parliament must be allowed to do its job and debate this bill immediately.

“I will be voting ‘Yes’ when legislation comes to Parliament and I urge ALL Victorian Senators and my Parliamentary colleagues to do the same.

“It’s ironic that so much attention is on citizenship at the moment when a group of citizens are currently excluded from marrying the person they love,” said Ms Chesters.

Ms Chesters said while this was a win for the Marriage Equality campaign, the fight for Marriage Equality for all Australians is not over until it becomes law.

“I want to acknowledge the hard work of local Yes campaigners and pay tribute to businesses, community leaders and organisations that have rallied in support of our LGBTI community during the survey process.

“We owe it to the LGBTI Australians, their families and friends, who’ve suffered so much hurt because of the postal survey, to get this done now. We can have marriage equality by Christmas,” said Ms Chesters.