Now is the Time to Fund Sporting Infrastructure Upgrades

Federal Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters MP is calling on the Federal Government to provide funding for local sporting infrastructure projects.

“With covid-19 restrictions forcing leagues to cancel their seasons, now is an ideal time for building works and upgrades to happen,” Chesters said.

“The list of clubs that have contacted me to say they require an upgrade is endless.

“Many have been waiting years to be a priority for basic upgrades, others requiring significant rebuilds are waiting decades because there is simply not enough funding at local and state levels.

“Our region was duded through the sports rorts saga and now it’s time for the Morrison Government to deliver its fair share to Bendigo.

The growth of women’s participation in sport in recent years has placed a greater demand on ground use and without the right facilities clubs are struggling to schedule ground access for all teams.

For many clubs across the electorate, upgrades to facilities will open the door for bigger opportunities and community events.

User groups of North Bendigo Oval have been advocating for funding for years and despite working with local and state counterparts, require additional funding to be shovel ready.

“This is a well-used sporting ground, utilised by football, netball, soccer, sword fighting and others,” Chesters said.

“Upgrades to the current facility would allow it to meet safety standards and provide a better environment for all participates both male and female to enjoy their sports.

“I call on the Federal Liberal Government to commit to greater investment in sport at a grassroots level,” Chesters said.