One in twelve Bendigo kids aren't meeting minimum standards

The Labor candidate for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters, today called on the State Coalition government to sign up to the Federal Labor Government’s National Plan for School Improvement as urgent funding is needed for central Victorian Schools.

"One in 12 Australian kids is not meeting minimum standards in reading, writing and maths. From talking to schools, teachers and various organisations we know this figure includes kids in Bendigo and Central Victoria," Ms Chesters said

"Kids from less well-off backgrounds can be up to three years behind their classmates. A good education is the key to breaking out of the poverty cycle."

"If we want our kids to get the best education possible and the best chance of securing the high-skill, high-wage jobs of the future, we have to lift schooling standards across the country."

"Recently, I had the privilege to visit a central Victorian primary school. While at the school, I was shocked to discover that the students are raising funds to fix the school toilets"

"It is shocking that young students are fundraising to fix school toilets. This is yet another example of why the Federal Labor Government’s National Plan for School Improvement is needed."

"Principal and teachers are doing an outstanding job. Whilst the teachers, staff and school community are all working hard to ensure their students receive a quality education, the state of the some school buildings and facilities is appalling."

"Public school maintenance and maintenance budgets are the responsibility of the State Coalition Government but they are clearly failing meet the funding needs our schools."

"That’s why the Federal Labor Government National Plan for School Improvement is so important to Bendigo and Central Victoria. Under the National Plan for School Improvement there will be a fairer school funding model in place for all schools and their students."