Parliament gets in the Spirit

Lisa Chesters MP has offered the MP for Townsville a Bendigo Spirit t-shirt at Parliament today in recognition of the Spirit’s WNBL Championship win.

Ms Chesters and the Member for Herbert, Ewen Jones, spoke in Parliament about their respective local teams in the lead up to the WNBL 2013/14 grand final between the Bendigo Spirit and the Townsville Fire.

Ms Chesters continued this spirited exchange in Parliament this morning.

“For the second-straight season the Bendigo Spirit beat the Member for Herbert’s home team, Townsville Fire,” Ms Chesters said in the Chamber.

“In the spirit of goodwill and sportsmanship, I have for the Member for Herbert a WNBL Championship 2013/2014 Bendigo Spirit t-shirt.

“Every team of champions needs an opposition - a team that will try and match their greatness.

“The match was a fantastic competition of skill, team effort and spirit.”

Ms Chesters said Mr Jones took the light-hearted stunt well.

“Ewen is as passionate about his team as anyone however he also understands that once the game is over we are all friends,” she said.

“Ewen was disappointed that Townsville lost however he was willing to put that behind him and have a laugh about being the owner of a new Bendigo Spirit t-shirt.”