Penalty Rate Cut to hit Central Victorians from July 1

Federal Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters is warning Central Victorians that the next round of cuts to penalty rates for hospitality, retail, fast food and pharmacy workers take effect from today (Monday, July 1). 

“Every July since 2017, penalty rates have been slashed. Labor committed to reversing these cuts,” Chesters said.

“One of the devastating consequences of the re-election of the Liberal Government is that these low paid workers will get another pay cut.”

“Thousands of Central Victorian workers will have their penalty rates cut again today because Scott Morrison refuses to reverse this unfair decision.”

More than 11,540 people or one in six workers in the Bendigo electorate working  in retail, fast food, hospitality and pharmacy will be paid less next Sunday than they were last Sunday – making it harder for them to pay their rent, cover their bills and look after their families.

This latest 10 to 15 per cent cut means many workers will lose thousands of dollars from their pay packets this financial year.

Some workers will be up to $26,000 worse off by the time these cuts are fully implemented on July 1 next year.

And yet there is no evidence that these cuts have produced any jobs, like Scott Morrison promised they would.

Even the Council of Small Business admits these jobs have not materialised.

“Penalty rates are not a luxury – they help Central Victorian low paid workers put food on the table and petrol in the car,” Chesters said.

“They can make the difference for people struggling to pay the electricity bill, the out of pocket health costs or child care costs – all of which keep soaring under this Government.