PM’s outrageous plan to cut Government funding to Central Victorian schools

Labor's Federal Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters MP today labelled the Prime Minister 's plan to gut more funding from Bendigo and Central Victorian schools as outrageous and deeply disappointing.

"First the Liberal Government cut former Labor Government needs-based funding - or Gonski money as it is commonly referred to - for all local schools; public, independent and Catholic. 

"Now the Liberal Prime Minister is saying he wants to cut all Federal Government funding to public schools. 

"This is a grossly unfair plan that would see the Federal Government only fund independent and Catholic schools. It's just outrageous! 

"A core role of Government is to address inequality in Australia and create a more fair and prosperous society.

"According to a new report released by the Grattan Institute, students at disadvantaged schools are lagging at least two years behind their peers in wealthier areas because they don’t have the same resources or support.

“Without needs-based funding these students will fall further behind,” she said.

In January, Labor announced the Your Child. Our Future plan which will fully fund years five and six of the Gonski school funding agreements, reversing all of the Liberals’ cuts and bringing about long-term reform.

"Locally, it means the Kyneton Secondary College would receive an extra $600,000 each year and even smaller schools like Tylden Primary would receive an extra $100,000 each year.

"We have amazing schools with brilliant teachers across the Bendigo electorate. However, the current funding model for schools is unfair and it's a problem the Federal Government created.

"With Labor’s Your Child. Our Future needs-based funding plan, students in the Bendigo region will be given better targeted resources and more of the one-on-one support we know makes a real difference to learning outcomes.

"Every child in the Bendigo region, regardless of the school or postcode, will have a better education with Labor’s Your Child. Our Future plan for Australia’s schools.”