Prime Minister's Broken Tax Cut Promise to Hurt Bendigo

Federal Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters has warned Central Victorians they will not receive tax cuts this July, as promised by the Prime Minister in the lead up to the election.

“Scott Morrison has been caught red-handed lying to voters about his election promise to deliver tax cuts for low and middle-income earners on July 1.
“He knew when the election was called that he couldn’t pass his tax cuts on time, because of the date he himself had proposed for the return of the writs,” Chesters said.
What makes this even more disgraceful is that he reassured voters multiple times that he would honour it.

Approximately 85 percent of Bendigo residents are eligible for tax relief up to $1080 in the first round of Government tax cuts – but Parliament wasn’t called back in time for the legislation to be passed.


“I’m concerned that some residents are expecting a $1000 lump sum in their bank account on July 1, this simply won’t happen.


“Labor has agreed to the first stage of tax cuts and we are ready to support this legislation in Parliament - whether it be yesterday, today or tomorrow. 


“The Liberals are playing games with stages two and three.


“Labor has some concerns and we are calling on the government to provide the information that they committed to providing, to allow the cross-bench and the Labor Party to come to a considered view on stages two and three of the tax cuts.  


“The Government's refusal to split the bill shows that they are more interested in having a fight with the Labor Party than they are in actually giving tax relief to people of modest means in this country.