Ravenswood re-announcement con is insulting to Central Victorians

Federal Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters MP, said the Government’s attempt to re-announce funding commitments   that predate even the last Budget was a sign of how little this Budget has to offer Central Victorians.

“Talk about double-dipping – did Senator McKenzie really believe she could re-announce funding for the Ravenswood Interchange upgrade more than a year later and that Central Victorians wouldn’t notice? This is a McKenzie con.” 

Ms Chesters said the $45 million funding for the Ravenswood Interchange, announced yesterday by Nationals Senator, Bridget McKenzie, was an election commitment that was included in the 2013-14 mid-year Budget (MYEFO) released on 17 December 2013. 

“Senator McKenzie either has memory loss or this is a cynical attempt to dupe Central Victorians into believing this Liberal Government cares about Central Victoria. 

“This just shows how little this Budget has to offer people in Central Victoria if they are trawling back through their election commitments to find a bit of good news. 

“I have campaigned long and hard for the upgrade of the Ravenswood Interchange. 

“The intersection is a dangerous black spot. It carries a high volume of heavy vehicles and cars and there is a concerning pattern of crashes and near misses at the site. 

“As the Federal Member for Bendigo, it is my role to stand up for my community. I have been a fierce advocate for the Ravenswood upgrade project. I will continue to work with my State Labor colleagues to ensure work goes ahead as an urgent priority,” she said.