Regional Community urged to seek ANZAC funds

Federal Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters, today urged communities across Bendigo and Central Victoria to consider applying for funding through the ANZAC Centenary Local Grants Program.

“The Anzac Centenary Local Grants Program provides up to $125,000 to enable and empower communities across the Bendigo electorate to commemorate the Centenary of Anzac in their own way.”

“The Centenary of Anzac 2014-2018 stands to be one of the most important commemorative periods in Australia's history. Around 330,000 Australians served overseas during the First World War including more than 50,000 at Gallipoli” Ms Chesters said.

“Like many, my family has a story. Both great-grandfathers on my mother’s side fought for the Commonwealth in the First World War."

"I want to encourage the community to identify local initiatives that will provide a lasting recognition of the personal sacrifices made by the men and women from our region” Ms Chesters said.

The grants will provide communities with an opportunity to pay tribute to those involved in the First World War and to reflect on the lives of those who served and sacrificed in Australia's name.

Projects which could be considered for grant funding include:
• Public commemorative events 
• New First World War memorials or honour boards 
• The restoration of existing First World War memorials or honour boards 
• The preservation, interpretation and display of First World War wartime and military  memorabilia and artefacts
• School projects related to the First World War.

Ms Chesters said she would shortly announce a local ANZAC Centenary Community Grants Committee to provide advice and recommendations on applications made by the local community.

“The ANZAC Centenary Community Grants Committee will assess applications for funding and make recommendations to me about projects to be submitted to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs for consideration.”

“I will ask the Committee to do everything it can to ensure as many groups and commemorative events as possible share in the funding allocated.” Ms Chesters said.
Grant funding will be available in the first half of 2014.

Information on the grants including the Program’s guidelines is available on the Anzac Centenary website: