Response to Coalition black spot programme funding "announcement"

Federal Member for Bendigo Lisa Chesters has accused the Coalition of election tricks in regard to their Black Spot Funding announcement today.


"Whilst the Federal Government provides funding for the Black Spot Programme, the Victorian Government and their agency Vic Roads makes the call on which projects are funded.

"I agree that these areas across the Macedon Ranges are black spots and that an upgrade of these roads is vital, however it is Vic Roads in consultation with local Government and communities that makes the ultimate decision on which Black Spot projects are funded.  Not the Federal Government.

"The only influence the Federal Government has on the Black Spot Programme is on the amount of funding that goes into the overall program.

"Black Spot Programme funding has bipartisan support and a Federal Labor government will continue the program.

"It's disappointing the Liberals and Nationals would deliberately mislead the people of Bendigo and Central Victoria. Road funding and road safety are too important for political games," said Ms Chesters.