Scare campaign no substitute for good government

Regional Victorians won’t be fooled by a generic, standard issue National Party Media Release that is clearly part of the ongoing scare campaign being waged by the Coalition around Australia’s world beating economy, Labor Candidate for Bendigo, Ms Lisa Chesters, said today.

“Federal Coalition MP’s and Senators are desperately attempting to talk Australia’s economy down to try and discredit Labor’s excellent record in managing the economy,” Ms Chesters said.

Ms Chesters said the Labor record speaks for itself:

• Continuing low unemployment
• Reserve Bank of Australia cash interest rate at 3.25%
• Inflation (CPI) at 1.2%
• Gross Domestic Product growth well over 3%
• A quarter of a trillion dollars investment in the resources sector in the pipeline

“The Coalition’s constant scare campaign has the potential to severely damage our International reputation especially with our major trading partners”.

“Tony Abbott obviously couldn’t care less about our international reputation as long as his political self interest and scare campaign are receiving media attention,” Ms Chesters said.