Shorten on the way

Lisa Chesters MP is looking forward to welcoming the Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten MP, to Bendigo on Tuesday.

Mr Shorten will have a cup of tea and a chat with Age Pensioners on Tuesday morning to discuss the Government’s rumoured changes to pensions.

Ms Chesters said it was an important conversation to have ahead of May’s Budget.

“I am concerned about how any changes to the Age Pension will affect the Bendigo’s electorates 29,300 part and full rate pensioners,” Ms Chesters said.

“My office has taken many calls from members of the community who have concerned about what is being said by the Government.

“Mr Shorten wants to talk to Bendigo pensioners and find out how they will be affected by the rumoured change to the indexation arrangements for the pension.

“Central Victorian’s pensioners will suffer if Tony Abbott breaks his promise and makes changes to the pension in the May Budget.”

Ms Chesters said the Budget looked like it was going to show the people of central Victoria how twisted its priorities were.

“It seems it’s not only the Age Pension which is under attack - the Government has the disability support pension and family tax benefits in their sights, as well as the NDIS, Gonski school funding and the Medicare health system.

“Yet they are happy to fund an exorbitant paid parental leave scheme.

“It just shows the twisted priorities of this government.”