Shorten to meet with uni staff, students

Lisa Chesters MP is looking forward to welcoming Bill Shorten to La Trobe University’s Bendigo campus on Wednesday.

Mr Shorten and Ms Chesters will meet with La Trobe University leadership, tour the Rural School of Health and mingle with students in the Students Dining Room.

Ms Chesters said they were interested to hear first-hand how students and staff felt about proposed changes to the university sector.

“Bill and I are very concerned about the government’s plans to deregulate higher education.

“The Abbott Government’s plans will increase fees, create crushing student debt, reduce access to universities and promote greater inequality.

“These changes will be a disaster for many students – particularly for those from low-income backgrounds, regional and rural areas, and women – who will be priced out of the market.

“La Trobe’s Bendigo campus has significantly higher numbers of students from a low socio-economic background than the national average, so this will hurt our region more than most.

“The Coalition promised before and after the election: no cuts to education, no increases to university fees, a continuation of the current funding arrangements.

“Labor will hold them to those promises and will fight against a degree becoming a debt sentence for young Australians.”