Sneaky increase in Fuel Tax to hit Bendigo and central Victorians

Federal Member for Bendigo Lisa Chesters has today voiced her outrage over Tony Abbott and the Liberal Government’s move to bypass the Parliament to impose an increase in the petrol taxes on every central Victorian motorist.

The price of petrol will rise in two weeks, after the Liberal Government decided to push ahead with its plan to increase the fuel excise, without debating it in Parliament.


“Today he ambushes Central Victorian motorists, he ambushes the Parliament of Australia, and through the backdoor he has launched a sneaky attack on household budgets,” said Ms Chesters.


 “Tony Abbott and the Liberal Government are sneaking in a new petrol tax. They know the community is against it, and they don’t have the decency to argue their case through the proper channels.


“It just smacks of arrogance to increase a tax without the Parliament having the opportunity to debate and vote on the matter.”


To add further insult, the Liberal government has said that if the tax rise was not validated by Parliament within 12 months, the extra revenue would be returned to fuel companies - not motorists.


“This move will hit central Victorian families and small businesses particularly hard as we quite often have further to travel, with limited public transport options.” Ms Chesters said.


“In regional areas, we already pay higher prices for fuel so any increase in the fuel tax just means these communities are paying even more tax.


“It’s important to remember the history of the fuel excise and its relationship to the GST - another tax Tony Abbott has flagged he wishes increase.


“The fuel excise was frozen in 2001 by then-Prime Minister John Howard when he first introduced the GST and it was also applied to fuel. The current fuel excise is a tax on a tax. This week we’ve learnt that the Liberal Government plans to sneakily increase the fuel taxes and is flagging it wants to increase the GST. It means more tax on top of more tax.


“Tony Abbott said before the last election there will be no new taxes and no changes to taxes under his Liberal Government.


“Central Victorians are learning that you just can’t trust the Liberals. They say one thing and do another. And it’s the community that pays the price.”