Stanley Park North to be improved with Federal grant

Lisa Chesters MP has today announced that the Harcourt Progress Association has received a $9,000 grant under Round 2 of the Federal Government’s Stronger Communities Programme.

In partnership with Coliban Water and Mount Alexander Shire Council, the Harcourt Progress Association will use this grant to irrigate Stanley Park North to ensure it remains green all year round.

“Stanley Park North is a fantastic community space right in the heart of Harcourt but during summer and autumn it can be dry and dusty. To make this space usable and attractive all year, it’s really important to keep it green,” said Ms Chesters.

Irrigating the site will have a direct benefit to the annual Harcourt Applefest held every March.

“Stanley Park is a wonderful location for the Applefest but come March it becomes a dust bowl. This impacts very badly on the marketplace as the ground turns to dust and is very unappealing,” said Donna McMahan, organiser of the Applefest Market.

David Heath of the Harcourt Progress Association also sees broader use for the site as a result of irrigation.

“By having a ‘green oasis’ in the centre of town, we hope to encourage regular community gatherings and events. A green space is more conducive to picnics and families coming together and we are keen to see more of that in Harcourt. Eventually we’d like the space to be populated with other facilities like BBQs and the long desired community playground,” Mr Heath said.

“It's vital that our Government demonstrate strong commitment to supporting regional infrastructure and projects such as this,” said Ms Chesters.

The Stronger Communities Programme funds small capital projects in local communities which will deliver social benefits.

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