Support for unemployed mature-aged workers dropped

Local mature-aged jobseekers are feeling left out in the cold by the Abbott-Turnbull Liberal Government after cuts to a mature aged employment program in December’s Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook.

Federal Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters, said the decision to abolish the mature aged employment program, saving a measly $11 million, was cruel and short-sighted.

“People in the community have brought this up as a real issue since the cuts were announced.

“There are hundreds of mature-aged central Victorian people who want to work but are finding it really difficult to find a job.

“Anything we can do at a federal level to help mature-aged people find employment is extremely important, not only for their mental health and wellbeing, but for the economy as a whole.

“Mature aged workers still have a lot to offer in the workforce and we should be supporting them in their efforts to find work.”

Ms Chesters said Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was following Tony Abbott’s path of cutting programs that assist the most vulnerable in the community.

“The MYEFO was another round of Liberal cuts to health and hospitals, education, aged care providers, child care, job seeker services, infrastructure, as well as $1.4b in hidden cuts.

“All of these are harsher cuts than Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey considered and they will have an adverse impact on growth.

“The deficit’s up, wage growth is stalling just above inflation and business confidence is down. This government is taking us on a path of cuts now which is not what Australia needs.”