Tackling depression in the workplace

Labor Candidate for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters was today joined by the Minister for Mental Health Mark Butler to launch Cobaw Community Health Services’ new workplace wellbeing training program People Trust.

Ms Chesters said the new program would support people dealing with stress and anxiety in the workplace.

“People’s Trust will support local businesses to protect the health of their workers by giving them the tools they need to respond to stress and anxiety in the workplace,” Ms Chesters said.

“We all work harder than ever these days and we tend to think of stress and anxiety as a normal part of a busy workplace, but there are good strategies we can use to minimise their affect.”

“Research shows that around one million Australians are experiencing depression right now while two million have an anxiety disorder.”

“Increasingly, modern workplaces are recognising that stress and anxiety can lead to more serious mental health issues unless we understand how to deal with the problem.”

“And of course workplace stress and anxiety can affect productivity, absenteeism, workforce retention and the cost of running a business.”

Ms Chesters said People Trust is Cobaw’s first social enterprise and an exciting step for the local community.

“There are lots of innovative people in our community and this is a great example of a bright idea coming to fruition.”

Ms Chesters said the Australian Government had boosted investment in mental health in recent years although more needed to be done.

“As part of Labor’s record $2.2 billion mental health package we’ve seen a significant boost to service delivery.”