Tony's tax to hit Central Victoria from today

Small businesses and families across Bendigo and central Victoria will be hit by another Liberal Government tax increase today as Tony Abbott's new petrol tax kicks in.

Lisa Chesters, Federal Member for Bendigo said that from today every Australian will pay more for petrol because of Tony Abbott's new petrol tax.


"This move will hit central Victorian families and small businesses particularly hard as we quite often have further to travel with limited public transport options.” Ms Chesters said.


“In regional areas, we already pay higher prices for fuel so any increase in the fuel tax just means our communities are paying even more tax.


"It's not just about paying more petrol tax, it's also an issue of fairness. Why should people in regional Victoria pay more tax then people in the city?


The price of petrol will rise today after the Liberal Government decided to push ahead with its plan to increase the fuel excise, without debating it in Parliament.


"Tony Abbott and the Liberal Government are sneaking in a new petrol tax. They know the community opposes it, and they don’t have the decency to argue their case through the proper channels.


“It just smacks of arrogance to increase a tax without the Parliament having the opportunity to debate and vote on the matter.”


To add further insult, the Liberal government has said that if the tax rise was not validated by Parliament within 12 months, the extra revenue would be returned to fuel companies - not motorists.


"This is just madness and another example of how twisted the Liberal Government's priorities are," said Ms Chesters


"Central Victorians are learning that you just can’t trust the Liberals. It's clear that under the Liberals you're on you're own."