The Federal Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters MP has condemned Malcom Turnbull for his latest broken promise to Central Victorians by dumping plans to ensure NBN fixed wireless customs will have access to faster speeds.

At Senate Estimates, NBN Chief Executive Officer, Bill Morrow, revealed NBN had “killed off” plans to offer 100Mbps on the fixed wireless network.

On 12 January 2018, NBN supplied evidence to the Senate stating that 50 per cent of fixed wireless users would have access to 100 Mbps speeds by 2020 – that is 300,000 regional households and small businesses.

Now they are saying something completely different.

This backflip with have a dramatic effect on the local economy as the Bendigo electorate has a large fixed wireless footprint.

“Far too many Bendigo and Central Victorian households and businesses will be affected by Turnbull’s broken promise and NBN Co’s backflip.

"During the 2013 election at a Bendigo Business Council function, Malcolm Turnbull, then Shadow Minister for Communications, said every premise would have the NBN by 2016 and that it would be faster and cheaper. On all three commitments he has failed,” said Ms Chesters.

Central Victorians are understandably disappointed to learn that the fixed wireless NBN service will never be able to deliver the top speeds businesses and families need.

“The digital divide has just become wider and it is simply not fair that regional and rural communities have to put up with broadband speeds significantly lower that what metropolitan residents will be able to access.

“The fact is Malcolm Turnbull’s second rate NBN is a failure and ignoring suggestions to upgrade the remaining NBN rollout will only leave regional towns like Bendigo further behind in the digital age,” said Ms Chesters.

“Turnbull’s Minister for Regional Communications, Bridget McKenzie who has an office is in Bendigo, should step in and fix this mess.

“It’s really disgraceful that Ms McKenzie is not only missing in action from Bendigo but she is also missing in action on critical telecommunications issues,” said Ms Chesters.

Ms Chesters will demand answers on this latest NBN backflip during Parliament this week.